Robust security for online services

  • Secure, two-factor access that is easy to use
  • Mobile apps, portable USB sticks and desktop applications
  • Certificate based security with transaction signing
  • Easy to deploy and manage

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Flexible access

Delivered as a mobile device app, portable USB stick and/or desktop application. Clients can use multiple devices with the same identity.

Seamless two-factor

The client is only required to enter their password. The second authentication factor is not visible and is seamless to them.

Client self-service

Client self-service for device registrations, password resets and more. All self-service Web pages are fully and easily customisable.

Push notifications

Integrated push notifications support, from simple messages to approval requests.

Secure forms

Out of the box, with easy drag and drop form creation, workflow management and signing.

Easy to integrate

Supports Active Directory, SQL Server, Oracle, external CAs, proxy servers and more.

Easy to manage

Web interface for management of devices and users, and customising deployment settings.

Robust security

Secure browser

  • Man-In-The-Browser protection
  • Phishing protection
  • SSL certificate pinning
  • Integrity checks
  • Cloning protection

Certificate authentication

  • Secure device authentication
  • Automatic and invisible
  • Standards compliant SSL/TLS
  • Second factor to password
  • More secure than OTP/SMS

Transaction signing

  • Optional extra protection
  • Non-repudiation of action
  • What you see is what you sign
  • Can be legally enforceable
  • IdenTrustTM certified


Internet banking

KeyVault was originally designed for Internet banking. It is easy for clients to use, but also substantially more secure than alternative two-factor approaches like SMS and One-Time-Password (OTP) codes. Both SMS and OTP have been exploited in real-world Man-In-The-Browser (MITB) attacks. KeyVault uses a secure browser that protects against MITB attacks, and uses cryptographic authentication credentials that cannot be brute-force guessed like SMS or OTP codes.

KeyVault is used by one of the major Australian banks to provide online banking services for business clients.

Secure forms

KeyVault includes built-in support for secure forms. Forms can be easily created and updated using a drag and drop management interface. Full support is provided for digital signing, form field prefill, and flexible workflow options are available including use of push notifications for secondary approval.

Business to Government

KeyVault technology provides the mobile access solution for the Australian government’s AUSkey credential.

AUSkey provides business users with one identity to authenticate to multiple government agencies. Already, over 300,000 businesses are using AUSkey to deal online with any or all of over 20 state and Commonwealth agencies.

Board papers

KeyVault’s ease of use coupled with high security makes it ideal for collaboration between senior executives such as Board members. KeyVault integrates with existing online services including SharePoint, Outlook Web Access, Web forms products and CRM systems. This makes KeyVault easy to deploy to address immediate security concerns.

KeyVault clients include the Board members of some of Australia’s largest companies.

About us

KeyVault is developed in Australia. Our team carries broad experience in a range of strong authentication technologies. We have been involved in numerous large scale, successful deployments within the Australia Pacific region.

Much more than just being another technology provider, our team understands the way authentication devices need to be used. That means we carefully balance usability with security concerns. And we strive to understand our customers and their unique environments well.

Paul Cuthbert

Product Manager

John Bui

Lead Developer

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